Recently added sites.

Mike Holoway Official Fan Club - Mike's Official Online Fan Club on Myspace.

Tom Carradine - Tom has been a musician with Joseph on the UK tour of 2007, moving to Musical Director in the summer same year.  He is a freelance musical director and keyboard player, check out his website for more information.

Paul Tate Productions - Paul was Zebulun on the UK National Tour in 1990. 
This is his official site with information on Paul's production company and his career as an actor. 

James Bisp - James is in Adelphi Theatre's Joseph as Asher and understudy Joseph. Check out his site for more info!

Ben Stock - Ben's official website, with a gallery, cv, career info and more.

Kade Ferraiolo - Kade's agents website.

Melissa Nettleford - For more information on one of our latest additions to the cast(UK Tour 2007).

Richard Meek - Richard's all new Official Website! With information on his career and news on forth coming projects and much more.  Site is still in construction so new things are being added almost daily.

Phillip Schofield - At last! An Official website for this all round entertainer and one of our best Joseph's! The site is filled with info on Phillip's career, photos, message board and lots lots more!

Rob Jay Cole - Rob played the Baker and Naphtali West End 2004 - 2005. His site has info on his career past & present, photos and lots more.

Dean Maynard Official Site - Dean played Pharaoh back in 1998, since then he has been in many shows, vistis his site for more info on his career past and present, photos and more.

Ellis Kerkhoven Official Site - Ellis Kerkhoven has at last his own website.  With info on his career, photos, guestbook and more.  Take a look at his site and keep up to date with his theatrical career.

Stephen McCarthy Official Site - Stephens website is here! With info on him and his career, and info on how to buy his new CD 'Call Me Irresponsible' so go take a look today!

Trevor Jary Official Site - Here it is at last Trevors Official Website!! With music, photos, career info and lots lots more! Go take a look, trust me its worth it!

Marlon Moore Official Site - Marlon's Official site has info on his career, photos, contact info and much more go take a look!! Marlons a great and talented guy!!

Dan Greavey's Ocean's 3 Site - Dan Greavey and his two friends have set up a group called Ocean's 3.  This is their Official Website, with plenty of info and tour dates and much more.  Please go take a look!!!

Louise Dearman Official Site - Louise's site has lots of info, photos and order form to buy her album.  Take a look!

Simon Schofields Official Site - Simon Schofields Official Site with info on his career and more.  Please take a look!! Just recently gone Official!

Ian Watkins Site - This is a great site for all you ever want to know about Ian, there's even a Joseph section so you can follow Ian through he's new career.

Stuart Tayler's Official Site - At last Stuart has an Official site! A great site for my friend Stuart, lots of ifo on his career and what he's up to, please go take a look!

Stuart Tayler's Band Site - Optional Down is a Band that Stuart is a part of, this site tells you about the group and lets you listen to some of their music, and lots more.

Tim Driesen's Official Website - Tim's brand new and up to date website with info on his past and present theatrical career and his singing career.  Tim is a very close friend of mine and his site is really amazing, with song clips, photo's and lots more, so please go take a look NOW!!

Phil Coles Official Website - Phil Coles Official Site with info on his career, past and present.  Phooto's, guestbook ane more.  Go take a look and see for yourself.

Andrew Derbyshire Official Website - Andrew's official site with news, reviews, photos and lots more.  Take a look its great, you need flash though for parts of the site.

James Head Official Website - James' Official Site with photo's, film clip's and more from his theatrical and television career.  Great site go take a look!

Jamie Read Dance Centre Site - A site telling you all about my great friend Jamie's Dance Centre. Jamie was Benjamin in the UK tour, now he is a dance teacher, this site tells you about his courses and how to join. Please take a look even if you are not thinking of joining.

Aura Devas Officail Website - Aura's fantasic website with photos and song clips from the shows she has been in including of course Joseph.  Please take a look its a great site.

Ellie Spracks Official Site - Ellie's Official Site, with photos and info on her career. Please take a look its a great site.

Stephen Gately Official Site - The official site for Stephen, with Joseph news and photos and boyzone stuff too.

Lez Dwights Official Fanpage - Lez played Pharaoh/Levi in New Zealand and Asia, this site tells you about hsi background and laso what he's up to now, its full of info and pics, so go take a look

Andy Lingfield's Web Site  - Andy Lingfield played Pharaoh in the UK National Tour from 1999 - 2000.  His site is fantastic, it tells you all about him, and you get the chance to hear him sing too. The site is purely to promote his talents, he's a singer and entertainer, so whether your a producer or a fan, please take a look.

Shane Cortese's Web Site - Shane Cortese played Pharaoh in the UK National Tour in 1997 - 1998.  He aslo played Pharaoh in New Zealand.  Shane is a very talented guy.  His web site is great, it's only just started so it will be up-dated constantly to let everyone know what Shane is up to.  So take a look!

Chris Holland's Web Site - Chris Holland played Pharaoh in the London version of Joseph.  Check out his web site for up to date information on what he's up to, photos and lots more.

Glenn Carters Web Site -  The Official Glenn Carter Web Site.  With info on his carrer, photos and lots more.

The Official Gordon Waller Site - The officail site for Gordon and his pop singing partner Peter.


Eaton James Fan Club - New Fan Club recently set up for Joseph and Never Forget star Eaton James.

Eaton James - Another Fan Club for Eaton

Tim Driesen - New Fan Club for Joseph and Never Forget star Tim Driesen

Mike Holoway Fan Clubs :- (a new musical Mike has written)

Phillip James Message Board - A message board for you to chare your Phillip moments and to find out what he is up to next.  This is a new board and I'm sure it will continue to grow.

James Gillan Fan Site - Fan site for James Gillan, Benjamin for the 1993 UK Tour of Joseph.

Michael Martin - A site dedicated to actor Michael Martin, currently Levi in Joseph at the New London Theatre, good site with info on his career, photo's and a guest book.  Go take a look, it will be updated and added to continually.

Carl Hughes - A fan site dedicated to Carl Hughes, with photo's, a guestbook and lots more. It's a new site so things will be added regularly.  Built by Lynda-Louise. Go see for yourself!

Simon, Simon & Simon! - A fan site dedicated to the three Simon's in the show at the moment (2004), Simon Schofield, Simon Bailey and Simon Gorton! Good site with photo's and biographies. Go take a look, it an on-going project so new things will be added all the time! Built by Lynda-Louise.

Spike Grimsey - A fan site dedicated to Spike Grimsby who is Zebulun in the London show at the moment(2004), a good site with photo's and biography.  Built by Lynda-Louise.  Worth a look and is an on-going project.

Ian Watkins Site - This is a great site for all you ever want to know about Ian, there's even a Joseph section so you can follow Ian through he's new career.

Ian Watkins - Site Dedicated to Ian. Lots of information, photos and more.  Please go take a look!

Brian Graves - A great site for one of my dear friends from the cast Brian, run by another friend of mine Andrea, the has info on his career, photos and lots more so please go take a look.

Kevin Littlejohn's Fan Site - Helen Thompson's fan site, with info on Kevin, photos and lots more.

Hayley Reed Fan Site - Helen Thompson's fan site, with info on Hayley, photos and lots more.

Shaun Dalton Fan Site -Helen Thompson's fan site, with back ground info on Shaun, photos and lots more.

Kay Murphy Fan Site - Helen Thompson's fan site, with background info, photo's and more on Kay.

John Marques Fan Site - Natalie Bassling's fan site with photo's, reviews, guest book and lots more. 

Trevor Jary Fansite - Another great site for a good friend of mine, with photo's, reviews and lots more on Trevor.  Go take a look!

Julie's Stephen Gately Site - This site covers all of Stephens career from Boyzone to Joseph, Julie and I will be swapping info on Stephens new role so keep visiting my site and hers.

The Unofficial Linzi Hateley Shrine - This site has lots of great photo's and info on this great actress, who most of will know from the West End version of Joseph. Go on take a look, it's worth it.
Musical Stages Magazine Site
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