The Story Of Joseph

Jacob had twelve sons.  The second youngest, Joseph, was his favourite, the son of Rachel.  Joseph was good and kind, helping his father and family by being a good shepherd in the fields.  His brothers resented the way in which Jacob doted on Joseph, their anger grew with each day, but what made them really mad, was when Jacob gave Joseph a dazzling coat of many colours.

Joseph was a dreamer, his dreams old him that he would become a great man and be far more successful than any of his brothers.  On hearing this, the brothers decided to do something about Joseph. 

Out in the fields the next day the brothers attacked Joseph, ripped up his coat and where about to throw him in a pit, when some Ishmaelites passed by.  The brothers decide to sell poor Joseph to them as a slave.  The brothers return to Jacob to tell him of Joseph's so called 'death'.

In Egypt, Joseph was sold to Potiphar, a wealthy merchant.  Joseph gots on well in his masters house and was promoted not long after he had started working there.  During this time, Joseph's looks had caught the eye of Mrs Potiphar, and she tried
to seduce him.  Potiphar, who was a very jealous man, caught them together and immediately blames Joseph and puts him in gaol. 

While in gaol, Joseph told the meanings of his fellow prisoners to pass the time.  Whilst there he meets a butler and a baker, he tells them the meanings of their dreams.  The butler is shortly released from gaol after talking to Joseph.

The Pharaoh, who was disturbed by savage dreams, hears from his butler that there is a man in gaol who can translate dreams.  Joseph was brought before the Pharoah and he tells him the meanings of his dream.  Pharoah soon makes Joseph a very wealthy man.

Mean while Joseph's brothers were not doing very well, famine and plague dominnated the land of Canaan, so they decided to leave to go to Egypt.  They find Joseph there but they did not recognise him.  He gives them plenty of food, but to test his brothers, he plants a cup in Benjamins sack of food.

When the brothers tried to leave Joseph stops them to find out who had stolen his
cup.  It was discovered in Benjamins sack, the other brothers take the blame, they would not let Benjamin take any of the blame.  Joseph knew then that his brothers where honest at last.  He tells them who he is and they send for Jacob.  At last the whole family was united again.